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Never feel bad if people remember you only at the time of their personal need, feel privileged that they think of you like a light in one of their darkest hours.

We often want everything to stay the same, but feelings fade and people change. There are people who we think will be in our lives forever that become distant memories of our past. Do not fret. Feelings fading, and people changing is a part of life, and if you are growing as a person, not everyone will grow with you. You don't have to forget your past, instead learn from it and use this wisdom to choose the people who will surround you in the future.

Be kind whenever possible. And realize that it is always possible.

#1074 Comments (0) - by Lakesha - Relationships - Yes, I agree. (30) - No, I disagree. (1)

Just because life throws change at you, doesn't necessarily mean that a negative outcome is on the way horizon, it just means that life is happening as it naturally does, in seasons. Many of us tend to avoid change because we feel that we lose a sense of control and stability that we had in our lives before. Changes may happen in your life may seem overwhelming, but TRUST in yourself and know that there is nothing that life throws at you that you can't handle.

#1073 Comments (0) - by Hollie - Life - Yes, I agree. (15) - No, I disagree. (0)

We have all been through situations and dealt with people we really care about who can sometimes make us feel insignificant. Never let your circumstances make you feel less than who you are. You know what you are capable of. Remind yourself that even in the midst of dark times, great things are in the horizon.

#1072 Comments (0) - by starleigh - Happiness - Yes, I agree. (16) - No, I disagree. (1)

Smile!!! Let everyone know that today you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday… and you will be.

#1071 Comments (1) - by Makendra - Happiness - Yes, I agree. (26) - No, I disagree. (1)

Past is a good place to visit, but certainly not a good place to stay.

Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

#1069 Comments (0) - by seven - Goals - Yes, I agree. (25) - No, I disagree. (0)

Never regret anything. Because every little detail of your life is what made you into who you are.

#1068 Comments (0) - by Vinny - Life - Yes, I agree. (22) - No, I disagree. (2)

One day at a time – this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone. And do not be troubled about the future, for it has yet to come. Live in the present, tomorrow is never promised, so make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering. Happiness is a journey, just as life is. Enjoy the ride.

#1067 Comments (0) - by Viki - Life - Yes, I agree. (28) - No, I disagree. (0)

Most people are searching for happiness outside of themselves. That’s a big mistake. Happiness is something that you are, and it comes from the way that you think.

#1066 Comments (0) - by Eddie - Happiness - Yes, I agree. (25) - No, I disagree. (2)

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.

#1065 Comments (0) - by dollo - Happiness - Yes, I agree. (23) - No, I disagree. (4)

Moving on is never an easy thing, but if you start accepting things for what they are it'll be a lot easier. Acceptance is always the KEY to moving forward.

#1064 Comments (0) - by Betti - Knowledge - Yes, I agree. (18) - No, I disagree. (1)

“I’m letting go of negative feelings, people, memories and thoughts in my life. I have no room for them and will only think positive and happy thoughts from now on.” – Say this every morning, then practice. It will make a difference in your life, guaranteed.

#1063 Comments (0) - by Bunny - Happiness - Yes, I agree. (23) - No, I disagree. (1)

Stop talking about what you have done or what you are going to do. Just do it and let your actions speak for themselves.

#1062 Comments (0) - by Mitchell - Goals - Yes, I agree. (44) - No, I disagree. (0)

Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone how much you love and care for them, because when they're gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry, they won't be able to hear you anymore. And don't make someone keep waiting , even if you know they will. Eventually they will be forced to stop, and you will be back to wanting what you can't have.

#1061 Comments (0) - by Tamber - Love - Yes, I agree. (51) - No, I disagree. (2)

Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.

#1060 Comments (0) - by Ziggy - Life - Yes, I agree. (20) - No, I disagree. (1)

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